The Science of Successful Job Hunting: Practical strategies for landing ANY job you want

Successful job hunting is a scientific process, governed by facts and principles that when applied will lead you to the results you want.

In this ground-breaking book, Mildred Talabi draws on many years of careers experience and some of her best blog posts to bring you 35 chapters and over 250 pages of practical, easy-to-read content you can use in your job hunting.

  • 51 quick and easy ways to improve your CV and double your chances of hearing back from the employer;
  • How to make recruitment agencies your allies to accelerate your job hunt and boost your employment prospects;
  • How to confidently handle the 10 most common interview questions that most jobseekers fear;
  • 3 killer reasons to include Twitter and other social media platforms in your job hunt;

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What people are saying about The Science of Successful Job Hunting…

Pastor Todd's work is a heart's cry for us to return back to do the work God called us to - soul winning. He presents a lucid, scholarly and sometimes uncomfortably challenging argument that stirred the spirit of evangelism deep within... Read it, then go to work you were called to do!
Nicholas Myers
Nicholas Myers
Being able to stand out in an increasingly complex, competitive environment for jobseekers is now the major differentiator between people that find their ideal job – and deliver on their potential – and those that get left behind. Don't leave your success to chance; it’s time to get scientific about your job hunting.
Lois P. Frankel
Lois P. Frankel
Best selling author of Stop Sabotaging Your Career and Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office
Mildred has a great understanding of what an employer looks for during the recruitment process. Her advice comes from a place of true passion and her tips are spot on.

Richard Tyrie
Richard Tyrie
Founder of GoodPeople

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Mildred Talabi is an award-winning UK-based careers blogger, speaker and writer with over eight years of experience in the careers industry.

Mildred’s journey into careers was quite accidental; after graduating from university in 2004 with a degree in Creative Writing and Film Studies, and dreams of building a Rupert Murdoch-sized media empire, Mildred went on to train as a journalist at the top journalism institute, Harlow College, under a scholarship from News International.

She then worked for various publications, including The Guardian newspaper, before a two-year stint as a magazine Assistant Editor – where she was also responsible for recruitment –brought her face-to-face with what she describes as “horrific” CVs and cover letters on a regular basis.

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Job Science Workshops

Drawing on many years of careers experience and content from her book, The Science of Successful Job Hunting, in this dynamic workshop, Mildred will show you just how you can:

  • Leverage your on and offline contacts to advance your career;
  • Use recruitment agencies to your advantage;
  • Avoid killer mistakes on your CV and cover letter;
  • Write an application form that will double your chances of getting shortlisted;
  • Harness the power of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media in your job hunt.

You will leave this workshop with three simple strategies that will help you avoid the most common pitfalls of job hunting and experience your own job hunting success.

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